About Us

Jean-Maxime Giguère had just moved into the neighbourhood, realising that a key component was missing to this beautiful setting. That's where his journey began. Built from scratch with the help of local artisans, 132 Bar Vintage rose up in February 2013 and has shone on Fleury street ever since.



The bar’s mission is to offer a safe haven to our guests where they can feel comfortable and at home. To offer a beautiful experience where they leave with a smile on their faces and a longing to come back.


“Changing people’s lives one cocktail at a time” 

To create a community of easy-going, fine drinkers, that come to us to discover the world of cocktails, spirits and hospitality, and feel comfortable enough to have their ‘go-to’ beverage, prepared in the most classic (or vintage) way possible. 




Jean-Maxime Giguère

Owner and Bartender

        Owner of 132 Bar Vintage, sommelier, rhum enthousiaste, and hospitality expert, Jmax had a vision for Fleury street, and boy did he ever deliver. With an impressive portfolio, working around the world, and as experienced as they come, he is sure to greet you and treat you in the most hospitable way possible.

         Jmax made sure that 132 was going to be a ‘go-to’ establishment in Montreal, even if it's totally out of the way. The journey is well worth the trip! He’ll make sure of that!

          In his time off, you’ll catch him either bouldering or cruising on his SUP along the various rivers and lakes of the province of Quebec.

-Favourite cocktail to drink: Daiquiri

-Favourite cocktail to make: Reverse Rum Manhattan

-Favourite bar song: Banana Boat - Harry Belafonte

Jonathan Elbaz

Bar-Chef and Manager

Jon is somewhat the backbone of the bar. Started working at 132 a few months after the opening, he quickly made his mark on Fleury street, and in the hospitality industry. 

Jon has worked in some of the best cocktail bars in the country if not the world, including The Coldroom, El Pequeño, and le Mal Necessaire. He won various national and international cocktail competitions, and is always on the hunt to discover new ways and techniques to refine his cocktail and service expertise.

Father of a beautiful little girl, he is a true example to follow with his time management between his daughter, work schedule and healthy lifestyle! A joyful and passionate individual, he plans on doing this for the long run, and there is no sign of stopping him!!

-Favourite cocktail to drink: Naked and Famous

-Favourite cocktail to make: London Calling

-Favourite bar song: Canned Heat - Jamiroquai


Marie-Louise Roy Bilodeau

Apprentice Bartender

Marie-Louise decided to venture into the world of cocktails due to the versatile creativity, and social aspect of it. Meeting new people everyday, changing and touching people’s lives one cocktail at a time is something she is adopting very well at 132.

She joined the 132 team to sharpen her skills and gain experience under the watchful eyes of Jmax and Jon, passing down all the knowledge necessary to create a Bartender to be reckoned with! 

-Favourite cocktail to drink: Margarita or Negroni

-Favourite cocktail to make: Daiquiri or Jungle Bird

-Favourite bar song: Lonely Boy-Black Keys